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Build your Deck, Load your Bag, Throw for an Ace!

The World's First Trading Card Game to take players on a Disc Golf road-trip around the World!

Solo or with a Group, Competitive or Cooperative, Reckless or Conservative, Collector or Player

Disc Cards has something for everyone!

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A New Kind of
Trading Card Game

222 powerful Disc Sides are randomly matched front to back with 555 incredible Location Sides from around the World: all with varying difficulties and requirements.

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KS deck pic.png
KS deck pic.png

Pledge for a single Deck or the Bag Tag Package, a box of Decks, or even a Complete Set of Locations and Discs!

 Any Pledger can opt to have their own disc golf photo made into a Location!

Play Disc Cards YOUR Way!

Play with a large Group or Play Solo

Play Cooperatively and use your cards to help

Play Competitively and use your cards to hinder

Play Recklessly and go for Glory

Play Conservatively and go for the Victory

However you decide to play it,

Disc Cards is FUN!

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Rob Eames
Disc Cards Creator

Here's myself and my lovely wife of 30 years, Laura, and my Mom, Jeri, at the Grand Canyon of Hawaii.       A rare moment away from working Disc Cards into shape, my constant occupation these last 5+ years.

When I'm not working, I love Disc Golf, playing TCG's and RPG's, playing bass in the band, hanging with family and my favorite non-human, Buddy the Cat.

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