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Game Setup

Each Golfer has a 54-card deck of Disc Cards, making sure no more than THREE DISC Sides match, and no more than THREE LOCATION Sides match.  

Determine 'Honors' by rolling a six-sided dice: highest roll starts with Honors.  Each Golfer does a Bag Setup (see video HERE)

Shuffle your deck, Location-side-up, and turn over the top card.  Place the Disc into the appropriate slot in your Bag (Putter, Midrange or Driver).  If the disc fits anywhere, you MUST place it.  If your Bag doesn't have an appropriate slot, the card goes into your Hand.  If a disc in your Bag may be moved to a different slot to make room for the Disc you MUST do so.  Keep doing this until you have ONE Putter, TWO Midranges and THREE Drivers in your Bag.  Discard down or draw up until you have SIX cards in hand.

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