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ROLL (back to steps of turn)

Now play proceeds in order of Honors (see 'Honors' in the Glossary)

Roll your 6-sided dice: compare the result to the first dice obstacle (proceeding from Left to Right). 

If you need to, use your Disc and other abilities to change your dice number to match your obstacle. 

Make sure you match the type of obstacle with the ability you use to change your dice's value.  For example to match a Natural roll of "2" to an Air obstacle of "3", we might use the "Spin +1" ability, which changes your Roll's value to "3" and your Roll's type to 'Air', matching your obstacle. 

You may now try to use another of your abilities to change that same roll to match the next obstacle in line.

Continue this process until you complete the Route or you are about to roll your 4th dice: at this point you are SCRAMBLING.

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