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I never have had much. When I am at work and pulling a check, and have actual responsibilities, I work like the proverbial Dog. Ask anyone, they will tell you, if anything, its too much: I am always active, cleaning, helping people out, answering phones and requests for assistance, I am the Guy Who Works Harder. I have had to avoid my natural tendencies in this area to avoid being targeted by the slovenly, who invariably resist any attempt to foster a common admirable work ethic with predictable hostility. At home, not so much. I get hostility because of my own slovenly nature.

Lately though, I think it started when I turned 50, it has been a bit different. I got into weights, started really, really working on this current CCG project, have kept a more reliable housework ethic, and have made notable capital improvements to the house and grounds. Maybe the clock is ticking louder. Maybe people change. Maybe it's Covid, and I will go back to being more Huck Finn than Tom Sawyer when things are actually "normal". I hope not, because its going OK with the new discipline.

I have developed a few good habits. I have been making an effort to eat a good breakfast 7 days a week. As a result, when I don't, it feels Weird. I have been making lists like all over the place ( I bought a bunch of whiteboards I have put on my office walls and a bunch of legal pads I keep randomly around the office). There are lists for various phases of the DisCards project, many cats to herd there, let me tell you. But my two favorite lists are my "Dailies" list and my "Daily" list. Same word, very different usage and meaning.

The "Dailies" list is only for my days off, as my Real Job days are very long. Each item in this list has a check box next to it, and they represent things I really want to do Every Day, without fail. Once I do the thing, I check off the box. They are mostly easy things, and all will usually take way less than 30 minutes each: check my business account balance and spreadsheet for the bottom line stuff, check my FB stream for any action, work 30 minutes on my Rules section for DisCards (almost done!). But there are a few things which are tougher, pushing my normal levels of discipline. This post, for instance, was created because it is on my "Dailies" list. Earlier, I had to think of some kind of content for a Facebook post, so I came up with a lame poll and posted it. It's ok that it was lame, it keeps the ball rolling and adds content. Oh yes, and the never-ending emails.

The "Daily" list has on it "dailies" as a line item, but also the random chores and errands which have to be handled That Day. Also, specific parts of the project which are more important to focus on that day for whatever reason, like specific card issues I found and want to immediately handle before they get "lost", or a trip to the paper store for cardstock. Usually, this Daily list gets about 3/4 of the way done, which is fine, but it ALWAYS has the "dailies" entry checked off. I know this, because in the morning when I am populating my Daily List, I put a number next to each item, ranked from 1 to whatever, and I always do it in that order. "Dailies" is always top 3 on the list, if not #1. Sometimes there are time sensitive items, or things I want to finish from the day before, but not often. The "Daily" list, in contrast to the "Dailies" list, almost never gets done. Some of the items will stay on the list for awhile, until they either get done or become unimportant. Some items I am able to actually do on my workdays. In any case, both lists get redone at the start of each of my Off Days, usually while I am having my morning coffee.

So, if I may lay down some Old Guy Advice: Get your Dailies done, even if there are only a couple! That's it for tonight, Padres are battling!

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