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Adventures in the Cradle of Disc Golf

You just cannot have a first Disc Golf CCG offering without representing both Oak Grove and HB. Yes, I know, Morley is also important, but it is also a private course, and that poses different challenges. But Oak Grove is on an absolutely beautiful municipal park site in L.A., and Huntington Beach slightly less so. Here's the view from the last hole at Oak Grove, hole 23. Pretty nice.

Met some nice people at both courses. When you are a stranger in a strange disc golf land, you make friends as a survival skill. Julius and his lovely little daughter in the stroller led me around for most of the day at Oak Grove, offering some nice local nuggets I can use to add flavor to the cards, which eventually will come from the day's trip. A guy walking around the course will sometimes draw some questions, and once I explained to Julius what I was up to, and the project the pictures were for, he really (I think) genuinely responded enthusiastically to the idea of a disc golf trading card game. Once I got into the two-sided nature of the cards, and the different Disc Golf utility each card will have, well, I was roundly encouraged after our encounter. It was the first time outside of my cocoon of family and friends when I had to defend my idea to the World, and I got lucky with somebody who didn't think it was stupid. I am ready for that response. It's gonna happen; I plan to talk to enough people where I hope to reach both ends of the Bell curve with respect to folks' responses: I just hope the "That's Stupid" response is to one end and not in the middle! Brevity is beauty: what a beautiful blog.

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