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Latest News (3/4/24): In an abundance of respect for my Reviewers, the project, the time spent, and everything else arguing against a premature launch, I am postponing the Kickstarter launch by a month, to 4-24-24.


Latest News (2/27/24): It's the calm before the storm, video being finalized, retailer display box art is being created, reviewer decks being printed, laminated, cut. If you are a content creator, and would like to review the game, please email me:

Latest News (2/21/24): As we close in on a month left until the Kickstarter kicks off (hehe) it's time to get serious about marketing. This is my first crack at the video, and I have hired an editor to jazz it up, a lot. But for now it is better to have SOMETHING out there than to wait for the jazzy version.  More to come!

Latest News (2/14/24): Happy Valentines Day! For YOU, the Community, I offer this gallery of Location Cards. These are the Location sides Reviewers and Influencers will see when they get their Decks.  I think they will be impressed with the sheer beauty of these disc golf sites from around the World!

Latest News (2/12/24): Review Decks are being printed.  I've had a number of nice people approach me about doing a tryout of the game. I do not have much (any!) budget for this sort of thing, so hopefully sending the game and a good amount of schwag suffices for our hardworking influencers.
I hope we get good reviews!!

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