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Can I play Disc Cards Solo?

Short answer: Yes.

It might not be as fun as playing with someone else or a group, but the game works fine.  See "Variations" in "How to Play" for options to spice up a Solitaire round of Disc Cards.

Does each player need their own deck?

Short Answer: No.

Players can draw from a common draw pile, or can do a three-card draft at the beginning of each Location: its up to you!  See "Variations" in "How to Play" for ways to make the game work with one deck.  Eventually, players will likely want their own custom deck or decks, tailored to how they like to play.

Where can I get Disc Cards?

Short Answer: Kickstarter coming Fall 2022 or Spring 2023

The First Printing of Disc Cards will be the Kickstarter offering, coming in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.  It depends on how quickly we can get to a reasonable number of followers.  After the Kickstarter offering, expect Second Printing cards to be available in Disc Golf Pro Shops sometime after the Kickstarter.  But you're going to want to get some First Printing cards!

What happens I roll the die and I do not have discs to help me out? Do I roll again and it counts as a stroke?

Short Answer: Yes.

Once you have a dice value which you can't Modify to match a Red Obstacle, or Change to match a White or a Red obstacle, and no bonus effects or Factor effects will help, and no other golfer on the table will take pity on you and use one of their cards on your behalf: Stroke!  Roll again and that last roll counts as a stroke.  Consider it like throwing a shot that hits a tree right in front of you.

I don't fully understand the difference between the Red die and White die.

Short Answer: Only one White dice obstacle may be matched per dice roll.

This is a little trickier. A Red obstacle gives golfers that possibility of passing more than one obstacle, and so therefore more than one stage, with a single given dice roll. A White dice obstacle is different, because a White obstacle needs either a Naturally rolled value or a Changed value to get a match.  Only ONE White obstacle may be matched from a given dice roll. For a Red obstacle, you may make a match before or after making a match of a White obstacle. The dice value is only "Modified" to make the match and stays it's Natural or Changed value once the Red match has been made.

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