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About Eames Games

An idea which became a card and then turned into a game.

Hi, I'm Rob Eames, the creator of Disc Cards the Limited Card Game, and the truth is, the game of Disc Cards started out as nothing like a game at all.  Not even close!

First I will say a little about myself so you might have a better idea from where this all came.  I have been a gamer my entire life, have played RPG's and been a Game Master, came up with all sorts of games as a kid, both computer and tangible, but nothing serious: mostly I like playing games of all types.  When Magic: the Gathering came around in the 90's I was "all in", and still have a Mox Jet and play Commander regularly.

In 2008 I was introduced to Disc Golf by my little brothers, Cory and Ian, and have since become the huge disc golf fanatic, playing at least three times per week usually, for the past 14 years.  I have made innumerable friends, have increased my overall physical fitness, and virtually solved my chronic back problems which had plagued me since my late 20's.

About 7 years or so ago, I decided it would be cool to have a system of keeping track of what I did on certain holes, so I would not repeat mistakes, or would know the best disc to use on a given hole: basically a fancy way of keeping disc golf notes.  I decided it would be cool to have a set of trading card style cards, representing each hole of each course I played regularly, so there could be an organized way of keeping notes.  I started taking pictures and fiddling around with formats, and made a few sets of 18 cards, which I used a little for tournaments.

Realizing there was a popular Disc Golf app out there, which people used commonly to keep scores and stats in real time, was cloud based, and this was a way better idea than my tangible set of cards, the idea went "back-burner" for a year or so.  I still liked the idea of Disc Golf cards though: a lot!

A bit later I decided to revisit the idea and started mocking up a kind of matching game, then brought in the dice element, then had the epiphany of having the double sided card with the Location on one side, and a Game Card on the other side.  Disc Cards was born!

I have since play-tested through 9 versions of the game with family and friends, and am currently rolling out a 100-deck Beta testing campaign for the general public.  Things are starting to get real folks!

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